Our world-class testing facility is
recognized nationally and internationally
as a measure of technical competence

We ensure and maintain
quality production in our laboratory.

Our Laboratory /

Sycwin Wire and Cable Technical Laboratory (SWCTL) implements an internationally recognized management system for laboratory competence and is the first wire manufacturer's laboratory in the Philippines to have been awarded ISO 17025 accreditation by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB) for wire and cable testing.

SWCTL is also a DTI-BPS recognized third party laboratory for wires and cables relative to product certification scheme; hence authorized to test wire samples from other wire manufacturing clients, as specified in its scope of accreditation, parallel with BPS Testing Center and other accredited testing laboratories worldwide. Among these wire types are the ff:

Tests are performed by well-trained engineers with PAB-approved technical competence in our world-class testing facilities to eliminate the risk of supplying faulty products.

Test reports we issue bear the PAB logo, which is recognized and accepted not only in the Philippines, but also by other accredited testing laboratories abroad.