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Guilder Hi-Gloss Epoxy Enamel

Metal | Topcoats

A two-component paint possessing a good protective and chemical resistance properties with excellent gloss finish and film hardness. It is ideal for use as topcoat for industrial structures, household devices, floorings, tanks, appliances, steel surfaces and many other interior applications as well as above waterline marine applications coatings.

Technical Specifications

COLOR: over 10 colors


VISCOSITY: 65-70 KU at 28 °C

THEORETICAL DENSITY: 1.18 ± 0.02 kg/liter


THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 25-30 m2/4 liter at 50microns DFT (excluding application variation andsubstrate porosity factors)

  • to touch: 1⁄2-1 hour
  • tack free: 4-6 hours
  • hard: 24 hours

METHOD OF APPLICATION: spray, brush or roller

PAINTING SYSTEM: For metal substrate, prime metal with Guilder Epoxy Primer. Let it dry overnight then topcoat it with 2-3 coats Guilder Epoxy Enamel. If used as topcoat in water tanks, allow 7 days complete curing time before filling with water. For concrete flooring, apply one coat of Guilder DuraFloor Epoxy Penetrating Sealer by brush or roller. Or prime concrete with Guilder Epoxy Primer. Let it dry for 24 hours. If necessary, putty surface imperfections with Guilder High Built Non-Sag Epoxy. Finish with 2-3 coats Guilder Hi-Gloss Epoxy Enamel. Full curing time for foot traffic is 7 days.

Surface Preparation

For maximum paint performance, surfaces to be painted must be dry and in sound condition, free from loose dirt, dust, oil, grease and other foreign matter. These conditions must be ensured before starting paint application.