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Guilder High Built Marine Non-Sag Epoxy

Concrete | Putties & Fillers

A two-component epoxy-polyamide based coating system designed for use as a high strength adhesive, sealant and filler for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications of up to 10mm thickness without dripping or sagging. It provides water and chemical resistant properties making it ideal to use on household, industrial and even marine applications since it bonds well to wide range of dry or damp substrates such as concrete, woods, plastics, fiberglass and metals.

Technical Specifications

COLOR: yellow ochre/ beige

APPEARANCE: putty-like

THEORETICAL DENSITY: 1.82 ± 0.15 kg/liter Part A;1.74 ± 0.15 kg/liter Part B

THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 6 m2/4 liter at 500microns DFT (excluding application varation andsubstrate porosity factors)

POT LIFE: 1-1 1⁄2 hours

INDUCTION TIME: 15-30 minutes


METHOD OF APPLICATION: palette or putty knife

PAINTING SYSTEM: Place equal parts by weight or volume of Part A and Part B on painter’s palette or putty knife. Mix thoroughly by a back and forth wiping motion until color is uniform. It is recommended to allow mixed material to mature for at least 15-30 minutes prior to use. Prepare only sufficient quantity which can be work out within the pot life of 1-1 1⁄2 hours. It can be sanded after initial cure time of 4-6 hours. Prime and paint as required after 2-4 days full curing time. Do not return unused mixed material to original container.

Surface Preparation

For maximum paint performance, surfaces to be painted must be dry and in sound condition, free from loose dirt, dust, oil, grease and other foreign matter. These conditions must be ensured before starting paint application.