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Elastomeric Colors

Concrete | Topcoats

A water-based odorless elastic acrylic polymer coating intended for exterior and interior masonry surfaces whenever a flexible and durable water proofing finish is desired. It prevents minor water leakage problems due to its excellent adhesion and elongation properties that can withstand hairline cracks caused by expansion and contraction of concrete surfaces due to extreme weather condition prevalent in tropical localities.

Technical Specifications

COLOR: over 70 colors

APPEARANCE: eggshell finish at 60° micro-glossmeter

VISCOSITY: 105-110 KU at 28 °C

THEORETICAL DENSITY: 1.18 ± 0.02 kg/liter


THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 25-30 m2/4 literat 50 microns DFT (excluding application variation and substrate porosity factors)

  • to touch: 1⁄2 to 1 hour
  • tack free: 1-2 hours
  • hard: 2-4 hours

METHOD OF APPLICATION: brush, roller or spray

PAINTING SYSTEM: Apply at package consistency, if necessary use a maximum 1⁄4 liter clean water per 4-liter paint. Apply first coat with WeatherGard Elastomeric Paint on properly prepared concrete and masonry surface. Let it dry and repair all minor surface imperfections with WeatherGard Elastomeric Putty using palette or putty knife. After thorough drying, sand to a smooth finish before application of 2 or more coats of WeatherGard Elastomeric Paint.

Surface Preparation

For maximum paint performance, surfaces to be painted must be dry and in sound condition, free from loose dirt, dust, oil, grease and other foreign matter. These conditions must be ensured before starting paint application.