SYCWIN COATING & WIRES, INC. was founded on February 12, 1970 by its late President Cipriano Sy. The company caters to Trade and Industrial Customers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and direct end-users. Wide array of product lines are produced by its three (3) manufacturing divisions namely: PAINT, WIRE and RESIN.

Paint Division has two (2) production plants with one plant dedicated to water-based paints and the other plant to solvent-based paints. It produces auto refinishing, architectural and other auxiliary paint products under brand names: GUILDER, PURE-COAT, WEATHER-GARD, MINNESOTA, ALABAMA, KANSAS, ILLINOIS and SYCWIN, for industrial paint products. Every product undergoes QC testing at each stage of the process.

Wire Division produces electric wires and cables and other auxiliary copper products that cater to both industrial and trade customers. Industrial customers include well known and major companies in the power, telecom and construction industries. Stringent quality control is ensured in every stage of production using state of the art laboratory testing equipment under the company's independent laboratory, the Sycwin Wire and Cable Technical Laboratory (SWCTL). SWCTL is the first and only wire manufacturer's laboratory in the Philippines to have been awarded accreditation to ISO 17025:2005, the international standard for laboratory competence, by the Philippine Accreditation Office for wire and cable testing.

Resin Division produces quality polymer resins whose main customer is the Paint Division. RESIN applies quality control procedures similar to Paint Division. Improvement of Resin Plant's infrastructure and facilities is on the forefront of Management's improvement program.

Being registered under the two (2) International Standards: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, the company undergoes various internal and external audits. Openness and willingness to address findings presented by the auditors are the qualities exhibited by both Management and employees to manifest maturity and commitment towards continual improvement.

Resin Division produces quality polymer resins whose main customer is the Paint Division. Resin Division applies quality control procedures similar to Paint Division.

The company, after more than forty years of its establishment, has survived tremendous pressures brought about by high cost of raw materials, increasing customer demands for quality products at very low cost, shifting market trends in the industry and the seemingly never ending crisis in the local and worldwide economy.

SYCWIN COATING & WIRES, INC. maintains its international registrations under AJA Registrars, Inc. for its ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management System. Likewise, to manifest the organization's commitment towards sustainable development, as a responsible corporate citizen, it will continuously improve the efficiency of its operations, optimize use of resources, adapt to the changing market trends and to build on an organization of competent and dignified workforce jointly committed in the aim of providing quality products and services responsive to the needs of its customers and the community.


To be the best in the paint, resin and electrical wires and cable industry, trusted by its satisfied clients, respected by its competitors, and highly recognized as a responsible corporate citizen by its stakeholders in the field of quality, service and environmental performance.


We shall continue to build on an organization of competent and dignified workforce, jointly committed in the aim of providing quality products and services responsive to the needs of customers and the community through sustainable development.

Corporate Goals

  • Attain market leadership in the paint and electrical wire and cable industry
  • Achieve full customer satisfaction and continued trust
  • Develop a sustainable business partnership with suppliers and customers
  • Establish competitive edge through state of the art facilities, advance technology, competent workforce and effective management systems
  • Nurture a culture of professionalism, teamwork, loyalty and integrity and maintain a safe and harmonious work environment.

  • Environment, Health and Safety Policy

    We will build an image of SYCWIN as a responsible corporate citizen by operating our business in ways that protect our employees and the public, as well as preserve the environment. By these we commit to:

  • comply with applicable environmental, health and safety legal requirements and other requirements to which the company shall subscribe
  • promote efficient and optimum use of resources
  • minimize discharge of waste materials into the environment by recycling, reuse and application of responsible pollution control practices.

  • Led by our EHS Organization, Management and employees commit as ONE to the continual improvement of the environmental, health and safety performance of the organization.

    We shall ensure that our EHS Policy is communicated to all members of the organization and be practiced not just in compliance to requirements but as a way of life.